Monday, August 25, 2008

VRteam Unveils Its New Rich Media Viewer

VRteam, a best-in-class hotel media production company, has unveiled its new web-based Rich Media Viewer for use by its top-brand hotel & resort clients. The Rich Media Viewer showcases a hotel's finest visual assets, displaying high-quality hotel virtual tours, photo slideshows, and digital still photos produced by VRteam's professional photographers and multimedia team. The Rich Media Viewer incorporates all three of VRteam's media types into one easy-to-navigate web interface for use by potential hotel guests. Virtual tours are displayed in either JAVA or QuickTime formats. Still photos are displayed as JPEG thumbnails and they open into a larger JPEG when clicked. The Photo Slidehow is delivered using Flash technology. VRteam's Rich Media Viewer is extremely simple to integrate into any existing website, and every client receives unlimited support in doing so. The Rich Media Viewer is hosted on VRteam's world-class dedicated image servers, ultimately providing hotels & resorts the most reliable and consistent content delivery. For more information please contact VRteam at (813)217-5781 or